Registration for some of the spring races, lottery submissions for the big fall MTB races, and serious planning at the track make us think our season is just around the corner, and we're excited to say Half Acre Cycling riders will be toeing the line in numbers and will be ready to roll.

Half Acre Cycling will be starting the road season at "Hillsboro-Roubaix": with several of our men's 3-5 riders making the trip.  We're disappointed at how short the women's races and the 5's races are, though, and many of our riders have passed on the race after weighing the long drive against the short race distance.

The road squad will have its first big showing at "Burnham Racing's Spring Super Crit,": where the HAC blue will stand out in the peleton.  This will also be the first race for our women roadies.  We had a great time at Burnham's event last year, and with nearly three times as many riders making it out this year, we're hoping to have nearly three times the fun!

Meantime, our MTB and track riders are waiting for things to dry up so they can get rolling.  Mountain riders are preparing their registrations for the big fall classic races - "Chequamegon": and "Iceman": - while super-committed-series riders are picking numbers for their "WORS": series.  Thankfullly Al, our man at Palos, is giving MTB riders the daily trail updates as things freeze, thaw, freeze again, thaw a little, get muddy, and then freeze again.

And our track squad isn't wasting any time getting on the oval.  Photos from John Cline's scouting trip to Northbrook last week showed standing snow, but no doubt things are changing by the day.  They're engaged in planning for clinics, Thursday night racing, and Friday night developmental racing and we're all excited that Half Acre Cycling is showing a new committment to track racing.

So, hang in there, it's coming.  As much as we want to say last weekend's snow had to be the last biggie of the year, we're just going to roll with it.  There's always the trainer, right?