Half Acre Cycling is proud to be among the "sponsors":http://cambr.org/SMF/index.php?action=irace&cat=spn for this year's "CAMBR Palos Meltdown.":http://cambr.org/SMF/index.php?action=irace  The race, the closest MTB race to Chicago, runs on Cook County Forest Preserves trails that are maintained by "CAMBR":http://cambr.org and the event serves as one of CAMBR's biggest fundraisers for the year.  C'mon out to the race on Sunday, August 30 and support Chicago trail building and maintenance.  It's an awesome fun time.

"Race registration":http://cambr.org/SMF/index.php?action=irace&cat=reg opened to all today.  In past years the lower categories have filled before race day- so don't wait!  Women, take note: this race's field limits are based on total racers, so women need to pre-register to guarantee a spot, too.