Any Chicago cyclist knows and loathes the Oak Street curve, that place on the Lakefront Path that the city's shovels and salt forgot.  It's forced riders off the path into traffic and the ice has taken down at least three of our teammates in the past week.  To express our true feelings about the situation, we offer you Haiku.  Add your own in the comments.

I scuttle across
like some strange lycra clad crab
desperate for spring
- Zach Thomas
(image: John Cline)
north side; bane you are
madison/dixon line, yes!
south the path is best
- Kevin Clark

Oak Street no one cares
About you so ice is there
Cherry blossoms weep
- Naz Hamid

Terror reigns in the
hearts of men who must scamper
over ice in cleats
- Zach Thomas

Curve of death some say
Make my friend fall in one day
Two runners saved him
- Naz Hamid

Only by the grace
of fate, luck, or god's fingers
I avoid a dunk
- Zach Thomas

Waters rush over
Chill my feet and ankles to
The bone oh no oh.
- Naz Hamid

Rime of ice covers
the causeway due south; so too
must we all fall down
- Zach Thomas

Peril comes quickly
to those who tread where no spade
has ever labored
- Zach Thomas

Crusted over with spray
in icy dread of winter
Oak Street is a lie
- Zach Thomas

O Oak Street Curve! You
evil brute! You cost me my
pace and tore my tights!
- Julie Popper

It's awfully hard
to train, when your bike has gone
swimming in the lake 

- Zach Thomas