Another Friday night at Ed Rudolph Velodrome in Northbrook. Relatively small fields, but we were well represented with Chris, Josh [recently upgraded to cat 4], and myself in the adult race. Chris's son Cullen made his track racing debut - it was also his first time on a fixed gear! He rode very well for a first timer and put in a great effort racing with the juniors.

As for the old dudes races, we started it off with an 8-lap tempo. I hate tempo races, and it ended as a nice warm-up for all three of us.

Our next race was a win-and-out with 3 laps prior to the first winner. In the first lap, Anton from Turin took off and no one seemed too interested in chasing for a $5 prime except me. He had 8-10 bike lengths on me coming out of turn 2, and I needed to win something other than just my upgrade this season. I got out of the saddle, applied the watts, and took the lap and the $5 prime by a wheel or three. Chris was following and was able to stay out for the next lap's $10 prime, and an official who got confused on the lap count mistakenly waved him off as the winner.

The evening's last contest was a 20-lap points race. Having spent myself in the previous sprint, I rapidly moved to the rear of the pack. Things started to spread out a couple laps in, and a gap was forming ahead of the 3 guys I was with, so I took off from them into a group of 4 or 5 that Josh was in and we started to work together to chase down the lead group. After a couple rounds of half-lap pulls I noticed that a couple of guys were fading. Then a field prime was announced, and not having much left in the tank I yelled for Josh to go and he did so with gusto, handily winning himself $10.

We may not have won the races, but we made our presence felt and all finished in the money.

-Gavin Gould