As you know, our favorite bike shop (and also a rad sponsor!), <a href ="">Johnny Sprockets</a>, is doing something special this year for the Gapers Block Crits newly minted beginners-only Category 5 race. Not only is Johnny Sprockets donating some great swag for our daily raffles (if you pregregistered, it means you're already in the raffle!), but the shop is also donating some AMAZING items for the top three Cat 5 Omnium winners and we think it's going to get you guys extra pumped about racing this week. Are you ready to hear about theses prizes? Because we can't wait to tell you that the 3rd place winner will be receiving a Johnny Sprockets cycling hat & t-shirt, 2nd place will receive a certificate for bike fit in the brand new <a href="">fit studio</a>, and 1st place will get a sweet, sweet Johnny Spockets winter cycling jacket.

We have to say, we're super excited to have Johnny Sprockets involved with the Gapers Block Crits this year and we know that they're just as excited about you guys racing your bikes. Thank you, Johnny Sprockets!! We love you guys!

(More info throughout the week about our other awesome sponsors who are donating swag and samples to help spread the love at this week's Gaper's Block Crits as well as prizes for the ladies!)