The team is in a transitional phase as road, track and mountain wind down and the one discipline that's on fire at the moment arises. We're talking about cyclocross. It's been an interesting year watching a smaller team of our size work our own individual trajectories out -- we have a good idea of what each other is doing and that's nice to know. You feel connected even if you don't see one another too often if you're racing in different disciplines.

Back to the dirt. Cyclocross is almost upon us and the "Chicago Cross Cup": organizers have put up a hefty and stellar schedule that includes  11 (!) races and 1 clinics. It all starts next month and the team has a good amount of people racing cross, both new and old. It should prove a damn fine time, gritting it out, getting dirty and going down all in the name of some kind of glory.

In addition, we're co-hosting another race this year and we're happy it's a cross one. The October 5th leg of the ChiCrossCup in DeKalb will be the date. Time and other details will be announced as soon as have things finalized.

Expect to see us out there in the dirt. We're psyched!