It's time to get awesome.  We have "Eye of the Tiger" on repeat play.  We're taking our flying 200's all the way to liftoff.  We're trying to teach the new guys not to turn right.  We're battling it out on trainers and in the cold to be ready for opening night.  The new, expanded 2009 Half Acre Cycling track troop is 13 women and men committed to making ourselves stronger and our sport bigger.  We'll be in categories 3-5 at Kenosha and Northbrook, throwing down and racing with heart.

Returning member John Cline is so committed, he's been going to Northbrook Cycle Committee meetings to help out and lend his skills and time to help make racing happen.  Our thanks go out to him!

But you really need to meet the new guys.  They were smart enough to join a beer-sponsored team in a not-so-beer-soaked discipline, and props to them for that.  We'll make sure they get their share of sponsor product somehow.  Look out for them.  They're seriously motivated.

Your 2009 Half Acre Cycling Track Troop:
Men's 3: Timothy Strege, Ed White
Women's 4: Sarah Lu, Mia Moore
Men's 4: David Bowers, John Cline, Naz Hamid, Adrian Silva, Jeremy Treister

Men's 5: Josh Arends, Gavin Gould, Chris Jensen, Richard "Pip" Potter