Half Acre riders have had a tough time out there this summer, and 4 of our riders are out right now with injuries - three cycling related and an, erm, "other."

Cat 3 trackie Ed White went down hard at Kenosha Velodrome, taking an ambulance ride to the nearest hospital for some stitches and walking away without major injuries but with some hardcore looking wounds.  Ed had been posting some great results at Kenosha and Northbrook velodromes, earning him a reputation as the sprinter to beat.  We'll miss him out there but are loving the photos he's been snapping while taking some time off the bike.  Heal up fast, Ed!

Mountain rider Dan Labovitch broke his collarbone after a nasty spill on a training ride at Palos.  Luckily it didn't need surgery, but still, Dan's on the sidelines for a few months.  He's getting some great trainer workouts in and promises to make his return for the September Palos Meltdown race, taking his revenge on the trail what done him wrong.

WORS Sport singlespeed series rider Jason Henry also took a fall this week on a training ride, hitting a rough patch on the road and walking away with a broken collarbone.  Jason had just finished an impressive 8th place in last weekend's Alterra Coffee Bean Classic and was looking forward to more WORS, but this injury will have him on the bench for a while.

And finally, Cat 3 trackie and WORS Citizen Clydesdale series rider Tim Strege broke a toe in a dog biscuit related event.  His doctor says he's off the bike for a full month, a big blow to his at-the-time-of-injury 2nd place standing in the WORS series.  He promises a return in time for CX season.

Heal up fast, Half Acre!  Ride safe, ride strong, and most importantly, NO MORE INJURIES!