Welp, we did our best to contact the city ahead of time to make sure the lights were turned on for the entire week but, alas, they did not come on in time last night for the Cat 4/5 race to happen. Calls have been made and the CDOT Bureau of Electricity are on the case! We are sorry that you dudes did not get to race last night due to the dark, but we really appreciate your patience and understanding!

For those of you who DID get to race, here are Tuesday night's <a href = "https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ao0t8UM4LTocdGhOaE9QNkR5QjVwM2pWTlN5QmhVVFE#gid=0">RESULTS</a>. If you suspect any errors, please let us know via email to erichi363 at gmail.