Half Acre Cycling and HRS/Rock Lobster congratulate the "Chicago Cuttin' Crew":http://www.chicagocuttincrew.com/, winners of the first ever Illinois State Cyclo-cross Awesomeness Championship.  The award is given to the person or persons who did the most to make cyclo-cross racing in Illinois awesome by showing up, having fun, cheering on the other racers, and having a presence that encourages sportsmanship and hilarity.

The Cuttin' Crew's antics have been bringing joy and cheer to the riders of the Chicago Cyclo-Cross Cup all season.  They've brought a couch to the course, honked the horn of their bus indiscriminately to cheer on fellow riders, and fired up the grill and made hot dogs, not dogs, burgers, and more.  Even when the temperatures have dipped into the single-digits, the Cuttin' Crew brings the party and helps make 'cross fun for all.

We developed this award because it's not just the medal winners that make races fun but the supporters, promoters, officials, dedicated mid-pack finishers, and everyone else with a sense of humor that come together to make racing great.  Every race needs podium finishers, but it takes a lot more to make folks want to come back.

Congratulations, Cuttin' Crew.  You earned it.
(images by Amy Dykema)