One year into our fledgling team's existence, we have a lot to celebrate.  Strong riding and even stronger friendships, fast races and fun times, some bad injuries but better recoveries, and a whole lot of beer.

In just one year, we're proud to say we've accomplished much.  We co-hosted two races and had a presence in categories 3-5 on the road, 3-4 in cyclo-cross, 3-5 on the track, and beginner and sport on the trails.  We fielded a 4-woman 12-hour relay team for the Wisconsin Endurance Mountain Series, the only team registered in that category of the series.  Our riders finished anywhere from first to DFL but we're proud of each and every race started, regardless of result.

It wasn't all sunshine and roses, though.  Two riders, Dan Labovitch and Jason Henry, had to suffer off the bike while their broken collarbones healed this summer.  Ed White took a rough spill on the Kenosha track and spent some time in an ER.  And several riders took tumbles on the road, track, or trail, including our honorary 'most crashed' rider, roadie Adrian Silva.

We did manage several first-place finishes this season.  Rory Neuner took the top of the podium in the Women' Open division of the Hampshire Time Trial, her first time trial event ever.  David Bowers threw down in the Cat 4/5 Elite to win gold at the Sugar Grove Time Trial.  Track sprinters Ed White and Tim Strege won several events this summer, including Tim winning a Cat 4 omnium at Kenosha and Ed sprinting to win a Cat 3 scratch race.  On the trails, Julie Popper took 1st in Citizen Women 30-34 in both Wisconsin Offroad Series (WORS) races she entered, Treadfest and the Alterra Coffee Bean Classic.  And by virtue of being the only team registered, Amanda Barbato, Audrey Thibeau, and Julie Popper won the Women's 12-hour team category of the Wisconsin Endurance Mountain Series, a victory in itself for recruiting enough women to race trail to complete the series.

Kevin Clark traveled the farthest to race - more than 8 hours to the Toronto International Cyclo-cross Festival - while north-sider Naz Hamid traveled the shortest to a race, just blocks, to race at Montrose Harbor's Illinois State Cyclo-cross Championship.  Tim Strege did the most driving this season, logging miles to most of the WORS series and to cyclo-cross events in Iowa, Ohio, and Kansas.  We worked together to make sure each rider could get out there, even the handful that live carless in the city.

We distributed or consumed about 45 cases of Half Acre Beer.

We thank everyone who made our first season a success- our sponsors, friends, families, supporters.  We're sad to see some folks go but wish them best of luck, and welcome the more than 20 new riders and new sponsors we'll be introducing to you shortly, in 2009.