A solid crew of Half Acre riders made the trek to Grand Geneva for our first WORS of the season, setting up the tent bright n' early and showing the Chicago pride.

I went out for the first race of the day - Citizen.  The start was straight up a ski hill- super steep. On that first climb I struggled to keep my front tire on the ground. I felt like crap. I thought about maybe just dropping out, seriously, and was preparing the excuses for that in my head. But dignity!  You must keep going!

I wasn’t the last girl off the climb, but I wasn’t the first either. The first lap was annoying… people in front of me slamming on the brakes to walk over logs n’ such. I was moving so slow that stuff I’d usually ride over I had to run, unable to hit it right. Folks were not so good at the singletrack.

By the end of lap 1 I had found Amy- faster on the climbs but I caught her with my slickish tires on the lawnmower sections. We rode a whole lap together, and it was a hoot. jokin’ around, keeping it fun.

Finished slightly ahead of Amy and sat around wondering what I’d done. 1st in age group.

Tim took 2nd in Citizen Clydesdale, and Adrian rode his first MTB race. Jason was faaaast but ran through the finish with a flat. Helge crashed out with a shoulder problem. Killjoy’s riders did great, with Mike nearly on the podium and Ben swearing less than usual. Our tent was a party, and 2 cases of beer somehow disappeared.

Julie Eisenhart