I am not as fit as I was earlier in the spring. It was a humbling half hour. The good thing is that I was only upset about it while I was racing. For what it's worth, it was a fast Cat 5 race. The rest of the collective field was obviously gaining good form while I got fat.

I started off pretty strong. tim was around early for a minute but I never really found his wheel, which I had hoped to do in order to conserve early. I was part of a 'break' with some eventual good finishers but couldn't hang. I worked with David of xXx on his sweet Steelman for a lap or two too. Don't know how I placed. Don't care.

The main reason I was a bit morose, is that it was a good time. My night prior was a really good time too, but that didn't aid my ability to perform well as a cyclist. It was the last planned race on my 'calendar.' It just would have been that much more of an enjoyable experience if I had done as well as I had predicted I would (I wanted to win).


-Kevin Clark